Mid Age Blues ‘N’ Blogs

Blog excerpts from Lea Bradford’s fictional piece, UNMASKED

(copyright, all rights reserved)


Nancy Michelin (no relations to the tire magnate), a harried middle-aged mom wears many hats:  single parent; senior parents’ caretaker; recession survivalist and aspiring children’s author entering her fourth year of writer’s block – cringes at her current mid-life crisis.

“Is this as good as it gets?” she asks herself before bending down to blow the lone candle out on her birthday cake. At 49, she has no answer.  Nor anyone in her life to respond to her.

It’s another hot, humid summer night in Phoenix spent alone while her 10 year-old son hangs out around the corner with his childhood buddies for a sleep over filled with XBox games, pizza and foosball.

She plops a sizable wedge of the butter cream drenched red velvet cake onto a plate, grabs a wine glass, chilled bottle of sparkling cran raspberry cider and Lasik meds then heads down the hall to her room for a big night on Netflix.

(To be continued)

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